Poetry Challenge - Day 17

April 17: Post a poem from when you were an amateur, no matter how silly it may seem

There once was a maiden so fair,

she had suitors from everywhere.

There was only one catch

to find her true match -

he must come her untameable hair.

Poetry Challenge - Day 16

April 16: Write a couplet

Some parts of mine are beautiful to see,

so why don’t I feel like a lovely me?

Poetry Challenge - Day 16

April 15: Write/create concrete poetry

             You wound me

             with your


Your grace frustrates the beating of my heart, and yet I revel, no,

I delight in how you put holes into this imperfect frame that I am

            I ask that you


           me once more.

Poetry Challenge - Day 14

April 14: Write a tanka (a Japanese poem consisting of five lines, the first and third of which have five syllables and the other seven, making 31 syllables in all and giving a complete picture of an event or mood.)

My window’s open

and the moon is turning red,

casting light on me.

I may be sleeping, but this

change must make me deadly.

Poetry Challenge - Day 13

April 13: Write a terza rima (an arrangement of triplets that rhyme ABA, BCB, CDC, DED, etc.)

The entity of “we” was born out of desire-

But I misunderstood, thinking it was only mine.

Little did I know you also had a fire.

"We" coalesced in a haze of music and wine,

fueled by the wind of a gorgeous spring night-

that breeze finally pushed you and me over the line.

I was so terrified that you would fight,

that you would throw me out if I came too near,

that you would call me desperate and be right.


You must have sensed the size and weight of my fear

'cause when I kissed you, not knowing what you would say,

you reassured me and you made your own feelings clear.


So when I later asked if you could stay,

it was because I wanted “we” to be forever this way.

Poetry Challenge - Day 12

April 12: Write a quatrain (AABB or ABAB)

We touched and then our fire faded out.

I thought we’d both accepted it was the end.

I didn’t think your intentions were in doubt - 

So why do you dare come ‘round here again?

Poetry Challenge - Day 11

April 11: Write a monorhyming poem

Oh my love, into you I would sink,

I’d touch your lips, relieve your thirst like drink

and until the sky should light up in gold and pink,

I do not dare to leave and break our link

Poetry Challenge - Day 10

April 10: Write an epitaph

Our summertime dolls are gone from us-

oh how they filled our lives with light.

And though it hurts so to have lost our twin girls,

at least each is not alone in her flight.

Poetry Challenge - Day 9

April 9: Write an acrostic poem

He offered me his seat on the train -

Oh, he’s such a gentlemen, I thought,

With his fine and perfectly starched clothes.


Carrying my bag, I scooted past him,

Over my head I lifted my

Ugly, beat-up satchel, and 

Laid it

Down on the bench.


I would see him in that same seat almost every day.


Head against the glass, I dozed,

And suddenly had a

Vivid memory of the last person who sat in this

Exact seat this time two weeks before.


Fair-skinned and blonde she was,

Overly nervous, I’d thought-

Regretting that notion when my so-called

Gentleman had hauled her up by her arm,

Obviously in a painful angle.

Time to go, he’d said,

Too forcefully, too cruelly, no hint of 

Endearments to the young woman,

No kindness to her at all.


Thinking of that incident, the very

Hairs on the back of my neck rose, and

I wondered how his behavior had slipped my memory-

Surely, I would never accept his seat invitation again after today.

Poetry Challenge - Day 8

April 8: Write a limerick

I happen to love things that crunch,

they’re maybe my favorite to munch.

Whether carrots or crackers,

I’m a consummate snacker,

and if you grab them from me, you’ll get punched!